On the Ranch

Owned and Operated by Locations West Development Company Ltd.

gelding5Our horse are raised roaming hundreds of acres of mountains and pastures on the ranch.  They are exposed to mountain wildlife, weather, creeks & ponds - travelling mile upon mile; a lifestyle that allows these horses the strongest start in life.  They are sent out for training as 2 year olds, 3 year olds and then as 4 year olds.  They aren't pushed hard at a young age, instead training occurs consistently and these strong young animals go on to many successful careers both trail riding and/or performance events.

Weanlings & mares are kept closer to home for a few months to allow for a lot of human handling, halter training, deworming & hoof care - the important things we believe should be taught early to develop healthy & friendly quality animals.  All our foals enjoy human contact from an early age and are halter broke long before they are weaned.

This corporate breeding program produces foals to be sold after weaning plus 3 & 4 year old started saddle horses.  We breed for quality as we are sure you will see here.  Please visit our For Sale page and have a look at our 3 and 4 year old geldings, plus 2012 weanlings that are available for sale.

We are very proud that our horses have capture the interest of local artist, Shannon Ford.  Please take some time to see Shannon's work.